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Risk and Disclaimer

The participant accepts that the sport of Surfing contains an element of unpredictability and therefore potential risk.

The participant accepts that in the event of injury or death, High Tide Private Surf Lessons and its instructors will not be held liable.

The participant agrees to follow all instructions given by the surf instructors.

High Tide Private Surf Lessons accepts no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any property belonging to the participant.


The participant agrees that they will give at least 48 hours notice should they wish to make a cancellation. Should the participant cancel within 48 hours, the participant will forfeit that lesson.

High Tide Private Surf Lessons reserves the right to cancel classes in the event of unforeseen circumstances, poor weather conditions (e.g. storms), or dangerous ocean conditions. In this case, a replacement class will be offered.

   Equipment Use

The participant agrees that they are responsible for any equipment used during the class (i.e. wetsuits and surfboards).


In the event that the equipment is stolen or damaged (other than reasonable wear and tear) due to theft or accident, the participant agrees to pay any costs required for replacement or repair.

Photographic Release

The participant agrees to allow any images taken during classes to be used for promotional purposes, both in print and on the internet, including on our website and social media accounts.

Please advise us in writing if you are not comfortable with having your photo potentially used for promotional purposes.

Package Lessons

1. Package Validity

The purchased lesson package is valid until the end of our designated season, spanning

from October to May.

2. Promo Code and Booking

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an email containing a unique promo code. This promo code remains valid for the remaining four lessons of your package. To redeem it, simply enter the code in the designated promo code section when making your next booking. For your convenience, you can create an account to log into our website to keep track of your lessons.

3. Lesson Reminder

To ensure you make the most of your package, we will send you a reminder via email one month before the end of the season. This will give you ample time to schedule and utilise your remaining lessons.

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