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Hi, my name is Kosuke Nakao.
I am a surf instructor who is really passionate about teaching you just how much of an impact surfing can have on your life. 

I have been surfing for over 10 years and I truly believe that surfing can help to bring more ease into your everyday life. 
Waking up early and getting in the water; feeling the energy of waves; and being under the sun never fails to brighten my day and I'm confident you'll feel the same once you've experienced just how good surfing can feel! 

But I also know that surfing isn't easy. It can be tricky as a beginner to learn the ropes and feel confident in the ocean. 

That's why I have made these private surf lessons: to teach you the surfing basics and provide you with tips and tricks that will help you to feel at home in the ocean in no time!

Hope to see you out there soon! 


Reviews for our surf lessons

Had an amazing surf lesson at New Brighton!
Very friendly instructor. Teaching in a safe and fun way. Loved his lesson!
Highly recommend🤙
Tomoko Okoda
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